I am not going to give you instructions on disbudding a goat.  My husband
handles this job on our farm.  I have learned a few little things along the
way and decided to share these thoughts with you.  I'll also include the
plans to a box that I intend to make.  I hope it comes in handy for you also.  
I found these plans at

Disbudding Box
Sleepy Z Goat Farm
Disbudding Notes:

  • It is possible to disbud too soon, if so then the horns will still grow.  Wait until you feel
    the nubs.
  • Don’t “save up” all the kids to do in one day.  Do them when they are ready.  Try not to
    do more than one or two at a time.  This way you avoid the iron cooling off too much
    between kids.
  • Shave the head of the kid first, it makes the job much easier, and there is less odor.
  • Putting a folded towel in the bottom of the box adjusts the height.
  • Wrapping the kid in a towel will hold it more snuggly in the box, and make it more
Disbudding Box Plans

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